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Alan, I think there was an agenda, to get a new AWB and anything else Obama, Holder and Hillary could get.

The UN Treaty on Small Arms looks "saner". Holder and others still talk about a new AWB, though more people died being beaten with fists than in all long gun fatalities of any sort in 2010-11.

IIRC, it was Newell who was chortling over border killings and what would happen "...when we pull the wraps off this baby...".

It cannot be that the failure of Wide Receiver was not documented. Why anyone would restart such an op and leave the Mexicans OUT, makes no sense if tracking weapons in Mexico was the goal. Also, the number of weapons...nobody had to send that many weapons in to prove tracking impossible. And no tracking devices, aborted surveillance, virtually no interdiction? Tracking either wasn't the goal or the people running the op are unable to feed themselves.

Given how many agencies are operating on the border aimed at the cartels in one way or another, I believe it impossible people didn't bump into each other and have their "turf battles" escalated to "management". Notably, the IG never talked to a lot of possible information sources.

Knowing what something isn't can be as informative as finding out what it is.

I posted in #1990 about how Holder floated the idea of a new AWB early in his tenure and had to retreat. F+F starts. Then comes the "90% of all guns come from the US" meme, repeated far and wide until debunked. IIRC, about then F+F shuts down and people begin to hide, though Calderon and some others keep yapping the meme...Calderone because he needs to export his problems in country to somone else, blame and bodies both. Then Terry is killed and the cat is really amongst the pigeons.

Unrelated in subject, but the progress of the "narrative" about Libya is a classic for Obama and Clinton. Like F+F, the story morphed from what they wanted it to be to something less flattering. These two did not start acting this way last week.
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