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haha, mike I needed that laugh, thank you.

this is a firearms related forum after all, what else is there to do but argue over which was best.

the enfield no1 was a great weapon but lacking in certain areas.

1. it was heavy and poorly balanced.
2. it had a weak action which, unless the british military wanted to ugrade to a stronger cartridge was not that big of deal.
3. it took a long time to manufacture.

the Brits were concerned because just about every major military that they knew of had switched to either Mausers or modified mauser action types so they commissioned Remington, and by extension Eddystone to make them a newer design similar to a mauser and what came out was the P14. also a number of Japanese Arisaka Type 30 rifles were purchased during the war however when you pit a 5 or 6 round fixed mag gun against a 10 round detachable mag gun, regardless of action type the 10 round is going to be more sought after when you are stuck in a poorly supplied trench.
by the time WWI had ended it was obvious that the Enfield no1, even with all it's shortcomings was a better option so rather than continuing to pursue other options they decided to update the enfield design and what came out of that was the enfield no4
1.less front heavy
2. faster to produce(a process made even faster by savage and longbranch with the introduction of the NO4MK1*)
3. stronger action(again pointless because england never changed from 303)
4. longer sight radius/better sight posts
5. same 10 shot superiority.

there was never a huge problem with the enfield nor was england in a huge scramble to ditch them and find something else, in the same manner that the 1903 springfield was updated to the 1903A3 to make it faster to build and easier to shoot or the M1 garand being upgraded to full auto in the M2, the enfield just needed tweaked.
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