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Mag release engaged while being carried IWB

Just what the title says..

Me: I'm 6'2 175 athletic

Carry Position: 4:00 IWB either Don Hume leather or 1 Uncle Mike's for the SIG 1911

It's happened to my SIG P226, SIG 1911 XO (which is their carry 1911), when I had the FNX-9 and a few others. I noticed when I either hear it, or remove it from my waistband when I get home and the magazine just a few centimeters away from the grip.

What's going on here? Is it cause I'm thin? lol What's the fix? Even when the holsters cover the mag release it happens. The Comp-Tac IWB for the 1911 was on top of it so well that 1/2lbs of pressure would engage it. So I shaved around it. However that holster is no good and when it's drawn the holster comes out with it. Tension released to the max or not..Clips probably are just no good. Maybe I have to buy new ones? Don't know..but wrote them an email to try and resolve it and nothing. So I gave up. Got that cheap little Uncle Mike's. Gun is a mission to find holsters for.

So this happen to any of you guys/gals? What's the fix? It's happened on and off. I'm a perfectionist with my guns, this sets me back a bit when they do this. User error or not.
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