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I use the wads that contain lube, don't use any other lube. Is that a bad thing? Making my own round balls sounds like a pretty good idea, but where do you source the lead? I'm pretty sure there are plenty of available .44 molds, and I'm guessing something along the lines of a propane torch to melt it down? How do you go about it, and about how much savings do you think you can get out of it. Making the felt wads sounds like a good idea, not sure where to get that heavy of felt from. Read somewhere to look at 2nd hand shops for old hats, but those are few and far between. The only felt I have that I don't wear is my old Cav Stetson from when I was in the Army, but don't intend to cut that up. I just know I hate paying about ten bucks for a little bag of felt wads.
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