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I think the best answer isn't the caliber, either one is going to do what you intend to use it for just fine, which rifle do you like best?
If you're going to be a one rifle guy for awhile, IMO, is more important to choose the firearm you like best. I've never hunted w/ the 6.5x55, yet, but its my favorite rifle round and there's nothing I've hunted with my '06 or 308 that I wouldn't use a 6.5x55 on. The '06 and 308 just happen to be the only scoped rifles I have and the 3 6.5x55's are target rifles...that'll likely change soon.
If you're a good shot and a moderately experienced hunter, I see no reason not to use a 6.5x55. You've got two great choices regardless and I think you ought to pick the rifle you like best.
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