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S&W Model 34 is one choice,,,

The S&W Model 34 is a J-frame (small) .22 revolver that holds six rounds,,,

The one pictured is wearing Pachmayer Compac grips,,,
Used they run in the $400 to $500 range.

The S&W Model 317 ia a J-frame with aluminum alloy frame and holds 8 rounds,,,
Click here please.

The S&W Model 43 C is a J-frame revolver with internal hammer and holds 8 rounds.
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There are also the Charter Arms Pathfinder,,,
6 shot capacity, stainless steel, 2" or 4" barrels,,,
A lady friend owns this very nice handgun,,,
It shoots just as well as my Model 34.

As far as ammunition goes,,,
I like CCI Mini Mag round nose,,,
But that's just a personal preference,,,
I go for high velocity and deeper penetration.

Other people will recommend hollow-points,,,
I can't argue with their choice at all,,,
I just prefer round nose bullets.

A good round for hollow points would be CCI Stingers.

Hope this helps,,,


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