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Lee Enfield

Over the years I've heard and read so much BS about how terrible the British SMLE is. It is BS. The Lee-Enfield rifle and concommitant round of ammunition was absolutely fantastic. All the naysayers should just can it! The rifle feels good in the shoulder, the round goes bang and hits what you're aiming at. I shot a 5" balloon at 300 yards with a vintage 1918 No 1 MkIII. That rifle is one of the most accurate rifles I've ever fired.
Has anyone read verified accounts of the 'weak' bolt causing a shooter any harm? I haven't. I've heard it is dangerous, and I say BS to that! I reload and have had cases split after many reloadings. That's my fault, not the gun. i use .312" bullets to compensate for well worn barrels. It works, accuracy on all six of my Lee-Enfields is good. 2 x No 1 MkIII, 1 x No 4 Mk1/2, 3 x No5 Mk1.
If you want to hate the British, go ahead, they can take it. But, don't 'dis' the Lee-Enfield, you're wasting your time there too! Anyone who dislikes the Lee-Enfield probably dislikes the Spitfire. Don't waste your energy, that too was a fantastic British invention. Anyone who disagrees should read the history of the P51. It wasn't much good until a Merlin engine was put into it. Then it became a legend!
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