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Surprisingly, many home invasions are done when the residents are at home.

Think about it this way, affluent neighborhood means nice stuff. Probably a safe(maybe hidden) with the best goodies tucked inside. If I were a burglar, unless I'm a proficient safe cracker, I would want you home. Makes entry to safe or to get your hidden goodies much easier if I'm holding a gun to you or a loved one.

Too, I posted this a while back on another thread that according to LE, several counties here in Ohio have had a drastic increase in HI's in rural areas during daylight hours when the perp had to know someone was home(cars in driveway,doors open, etc).
There has been enough of these incidents that the sheriff's of a couple different counties have been on TV warning rural residents of such and to start keeping house,out building and car doors, windows locked. And stay alert of their surroundings.

Since it can take from 15-30min. LEO response time to many of the rural areas, residents of these areas have to realize that they are prime targets and change their thinking that living in the country versus the city does NOT mean you're more secure or less prone to something such as a H.I.
A lot can happen in 30min. especially if a perp gets the drop on us inside the seclusion of a dwelling and the nearest neighbor/help is not within hearing distance.

The fact that many counties are in financial straits and have had to lay off deputies hasn't helped either.

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