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need help picking my next rifle...

ok to start im 22, been shooting since i was a boy with my dad who collects modern and historic rifles. ive shot rifles from ww2 to the modern age. my favorite round to shoot is the .308

im in California (yes i know we suck with our laws on guns), so i have to be watchful of what i get/order and such

i personally bought my first rifle last year (mosin nagant 91/30)(99$) which is stock , does about 1 to 2 inch groupings from 100-200 iron sites. people says thats good for a mosin so i wont complain and has a great smooth bolt, but at 200-300 the bullets go in random groupings(maybe im unsteady dunno...we both shot it and had same groupings). anyway i get people ragging at me when i say i may put a scope or something on it and it shoots good without a scope so ill just leave it as is and get another rifle that i can play with.

anyway im looking for a rifle that is bolt action , uses .308, has a scope (or mounts), has accessories i can get for it on amazon and such , and that isnt to pricey( 300 or less, maybe 400 but thats my limit), but at least is accurate to my mosins level or better

my father says what he thinks i want is a hunting rifle(i dont hunt i shoot but i get what he's saying) that im after a rifle that is modern, with accessories and is accurate and those fit the bill in a lot of ways but i dont know were to start or what to look at

i was looking at the savage axis scoped(279$) but there really isnt anything i can get for it, much more than clips or a camo stock. i like the looks of the savage rifles and i hear they are reliable

i would like something american made, im tired of swiss,russian, english guns and would like an american rifle but ill take what i can get truthfully

any help is appreciated and thanks
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