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Like I said, looks. If you don't like the look of it, that's fine as long as you're honest about it. I personally think that a full underlug on anything but a Colt Python is hideous, but I don't go around telling people that guns with full underlugs are of sub-par quality or unreliable. Looks is a matter of personal preference that there's no point arguing about. The people I take issue with are the ones that try to justify their personal preferences by blowing the lock stories out of proportion.
I do not buy any S&W's with locks. S&W has lost me as a customer. They can get me back as a customer if they drop the locks. It is a moot point why I dislike the lock. I do not, " go around", telling people they are unreliable or exaggerate the problems people have had with them. If people wanted/needed a gun that was safe from teenagers and children et. Al., they could open the cylinder, put a cable-padlock through the barrel it would have worked just as well and would have been a arguably better alternative to loosing those of us who were customers over the issue. Some of us believe that if sales of the I.L. models fall low enough, S&W will go back to making only non-I.L. models. If they did, there would not likely be an out-cry for the return of the I.L.
It is pointless to condemn those of use who refuse to buy the guns with the I.L. as emotional, cry-baby radicals just because you have no issue with them.
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