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well, the sako I'm looking at has a 10" twist rate.

Im gonna be a one rifle guy for a good while, especially if I buy this sako $$$.
Old or new Sako? Love that gun (older ones have not hadneld a new one).

You may not get sharp shooter accuracy with smaller grain bullets, but it will shoot more than good enough for hunting (we have an early Sako 270 that does about 1.5 inches at 100 (lack of load development I am about to correct ) but its shot 5 carrbiou just fine (may have shot deer with it as well but too young to remember)

Think that Im gonna get decent accuracy out of this thing with recoil akin to the 6.5? If I can get an '06 and have decent low recoil performance, then be able to push out a 180-200gr for "game day" on an elk or something. Well, Id have it made.

My question is what am I giving up by not getting a 6.5 vs downloading a 30-06 for deer and range usage.
We are shooing 150s at lower loads and they work fine (1903 wihtout a but pad). Get a good lead tip in you will do fine.

Your bullet choices are the widest possible so you will find one that works well for each mission.

You can increase accuracy by a custom fit of the bullet to the chamber (bullet in a dead sized round with no powder of primer, chamber it, measure it and find out where it hits the lands and hold back .020 as I recall but research that last number).

QUOTE]In Scandinavia they use the 6.5 for moose routinely. Moose have a reputation for being stupid tough animals.
Tough yes, stuipid NO!

he 6.5 has the advantage of less recoil due to a lesser initial velocity and lighter bullets.

The -06 has the advantage of more power and heavier bullets....however:

To equal a 6.5 140 gr. spitzer in B.C a -06 needs a bullet of over 180 gr. assuming same style from same maker. The 6.5 will have a slightly better S.D.

In a 6.5 140 gr. vs. -06 180 gr. top velocity contest, the -06 bests the 6.5 by about 100 fps. according to my Hornady and Speer manuals.
All theaorteicl, in real world hunting it makes no difference.

The -06 can make a bigger hole since you have a bigger bullet to start with.
The expansion of either makes that a mute and its penetration you need on Elk or moose. The tiny bullet size difference is irrelevant (we are talking of a difference of .030 here. Expansion penetration and how well the bullet hold together are what counts. Weight is a factor on large animals but on deer a 30-30 does fine as they re so small (size varies by location of course)

Edit: You can load the -06 down...the question is how well will your particular rifle shoot with starting loads under 130-150 gr. bullets.
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They get some really good results with the small grain bullets. Back to the 30-06 is just an amazing cartridge.
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