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Major change in CZ452 POI

The rifle is a CZ 452 Trainer
The scope is a Nikon Monarch 4-16X50 on a picatinny rail.
Ammo is CCI Mini Mags.

I shot nice 10 shot groups last week with this rifle at 100 yards. Groups were a little larger than a quarter.

Brought the rifle home and set it on the mat in my garage and bore snaked the bore.

This morning, I took the NRA standard 100 yard target and posted it at 100 yards.

Imagine my surprise when sighting the top left target, I actually hit the middle target.

That is a 4 inch shift in POI at 100 yards.

I dialed in 16 clicks left adjustment and the hits moved just where they were supposed to.

I checked the scope ring screws, the base screws and the mounting screws in the bottom of the stock.

I did find two screws on the scope rings that were not loose but they were also not as tight as I normally tighten them. I also locktite them.

The rings are Warne and this is the same scope I have been shooting on an M1A with no issues at all.

Do you guys think this is just a fluke? I cannot imagine a bore snake affecting windage. Elevation yes. I have not changed ammo. As a matter of fact, I was using the same lot of ammo I used last week in the magazines I loaded last week.

Because I did retighten those two screws, I brought the target back to 50 yards and had to take a lot of elevation out.

Once I got it on the ShootNC again, I shot 5 more 10 shot groups that are a little smaller than a quarter.

I am happy with the rifle and went down to the gunsmith on the range and showed him what I have.

His advice is to take it back out to 100 yards next week and see if it happens again. He suspects the scope adjustment may be hosed up although this scope has no history of problems on a .308.

The rifle, to my knowledge, has not been bumped and was untouched over the week.

Where would you guys look?

Maybe mount another scope and rebore sight and take it to 50 for a tune in and then back out to 100?

I can't wrap my arms around a 4 inch shift in POI at 100 yards unless something majorly slipped.

What do you think?

Carpe Cerveza
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