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r....pistol powder in a rifle sounds like a Bad Idea to me. They tend to burn much faster and have higher pressure spikes. That's a recipe for a kaboom unless you really know what you are doing. And I sure as hell wouldn't shoot ANY reload that was given to me by another person unless I trusted them a great deal.
Normally I agree but I know the person and meticulous and careful are his first and middle names.

It is actually a know recipe in days gone by for a light plinking load for the 30-06. Speer made the "pellet" and was used a lot with those powders and developed recipes for it.

I do not like FMJ for hunting. Yes, it can kill the deer with good shot placement, but there's a reason most hunters use expanding bullets, and why many states (and a quick search tells me Canada as well) outlaw hunting with FMJ's: they're simply not as effective at producing humane kills.
I am a bit contrary on this. FMJ was used by the military since ? And we can kill people but not animals with it?

Agreed it takes good shot placement, but it is an example of what you can do with the 30-06. We used to shoot tiny deer with it and it was a choice of blowing up an 80 lbs animal or a clean through shot and saving meat. I don't believe in abuse but dead is dead and we had little problem.
If all you own is an 06 then you can work it out to where it does what you need. Meat in the freezer for a family that lived close to the edge was more important than some idealized philosophical idea.

We once put something like 8 rounds into a moose. Bad shooting on my part to start with and we had to hunt down and finish an uncooperative animal. It was about as ugly as you get hunting wise. Not something I liked but then you just do the best you can with what you have gotten yourself into.
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