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"in the later years of the american civil war the more prevalent use of trench warfare ended the age of lining up and marching straight at your enemies and firing volleys."

It should have, but realistically it really didn't.

The same crap was going on in the Russo-Japanese War of 190something.

And trench warfare as it was practiced in World War I?

Over the top! Dress your lines! Proceed at the brisk march!

The insanity simply continued unabated on both sides until the Germans started putting together special infiltration teams near the end of the war, adn the British were forced to counter. That's when those 17th centurhys tactics FINALLY started to die...

But no one ever gave the Japanese the message.

Despite being on the bitter end of Russian rifle and machine gun fire while assaulting fixed positions, the Japanese STILL employed the Banzai charge right to the end of the war in the Pacific.

And, let's not even talk about the Russians and their human wave tactics...
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