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I also do not see where it was said that it was the most accurate.

he did say that it was fired the most accurately WHILE shooting at high speed.

this however would have very little to do with the rifles and everything to do with the man behind the rifle. British soldiers were trained in the techniques described in earlier posts to fire sequentially down a line and instantly chamber a new round without removing the butt stock from the shoulder so depending on the range of the target and which of the half dozen sights where on your rifle you had a good chance of keeping a good sight picture where as the Mauser's and Springfield's long throw usually required you to un-shoulder the rifle to cycle the bolt. so far the only rifle I've seen that had a bolt throw short enough to rack from the shoulder was the mosin nagant but the crude design and even more crude manufacture of them would have certainly been a hindrance and with the straight bolt handle you would lose your sight picture anyway.

the Enfield was not the most accurate rifle from a rest and the cock on close may be hard for many that shoot primarily Mauser actions to grow accustomed to but for the job that the Brits wanted it to do, it fit their needs perfectly and substituting any other rifle in it's place would probably have resulted in disaster. the Enfield was the first VIMBAR I ever shot and yes, the bolt kind of tripped me up but it only took a couple magazines to grow accustomed to it and when I started shooting cock on open actions I required much more practice to get used to, heck I almost passed on buying my first Springfield because I thought something may be wrong with it when I dry fired it.

the enfield was just different, that does not make it better or worse than any other WWII era bolt action.
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