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This would have been WAY off topic from the sight it was posted so I'm starting another tread regarding ergonomics and thought it would better fit the General Rifle Forum

Ditto the M16 (if there is a gun with worse ergonomics I don't know what it is but people who train on it swear by it). It just means you can train around any deficiency.
I don't know what some people call "ergonomics" but my ideal is ease of use.

Taking the M16 example. What other rifle has better ergonomics?

You can reach the selector switch/safety with your shooting hand without changing your grip that much, without taking it out of your shoulder.

You can also hit the mag release with your shooting hand while reaching for a second magazine, and if the magazine is correct, it will fall under its own empty weight, allowing your free hand to come up and insert the next magazine and hitting the bolt release (if you ran the rifle dry)


Without taking the rifle from your shoulder, or your eyes off the sights/target.

I've shot a lot of other military style rifles but none with the ergonomics I've found with the M16 series.

My favorite, and the one I shot the most, would be the M14/M1A. I really like the M14 rifle but it can't compare with the M16 when it comes to ergonomics.

You have to take your hand off the pistol grip to get to the magazine release, then push the mag, out and down. Then release the bolt, Yes the bolt released can be reached with your trigger finger, but still you have to take your hand off the pistol grip to remove and insert magazines.

The safety on the M14 can be reached with the trigger finger but even that is not as fast and easy as releasing the safety on the M16.

At least the with the M14 you can change the mag without taking the rifle out off your shoulder, something that I can't do in loading the M1.

To me that's ergonomics.................or is it that I don't know the meaning of ergonomics when it comes to rifles?
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