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Least you get the wrong ideas -- only SOME 6.5x55 loads are permitted for moose in Sweden !! All with 156 or 160 grain bullets !
I'm a great fan of the 6.5x55 having used it for my primary deer cartridge for25 years .That with the original 140 @ 2750 factory of handload. It's sad that they have wimped it out and I would never use it unless I handloaded to the old specs !
Swedish and Norwegian hunters now use more powerful rounds like 308 and 30-06.BTW the European moose is smaller than ours.
The 30-06 has proven itself as quite capable for hunting everything in N. America . The choice of ammo makes it very versatile and premium bullets even more so .Both are over 100 years old so they must be good !
And Watson , bring your revolver !
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