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Originally Posted by FloridaVeteran:
thanks. For $4, I'll buy it and try it. LOL re spitballs - when did that term go out? Sounds like you might be an old fart like some of us, or else spitballs lasted a lot longer than I'd have guessed. These days, our peashooters of old might be classified as dangerous weapons.

I'm assuming that you can't download and read a Barnes & Noble e-book on a Kindle, not that I care a whole lot about 50 cents.

Sure, you are welcome.

Not sure about the compatability of the various ebook formats- that's a good question.

As to the "spitball" reference, yeah, I am kinda old and kinda smelly- guess I qualify as an ol' fart- the ones (spitballs/peashooters) we had would give today's educator's a case of the vapors- we knew how to make 'em sting and vengeance was a fickle mistress.
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