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Originally Posted by Woody55
@Rovert, I apologize for revisiting the law thing again, but I think that @allaroundhunter's statement requires a response.
No worries. I very much agree with your statements, and so would a Prosecutor. There's obviously so much disinformation and subjective opinion that it helps clear up the gray area whenever possible. I think if 'allaroundhunter' presented his questions to those lawyer friends of his with as much hyperbole and as obliquely as he did here, it's no surprise he got the answer that he did. One can always engineer a set of questions to arrive at a preordained conclusion. Ask any political pollster.

Fellas, please don't think that just because you may have Castle Doctrine or even Stand-Your-Ground laws that it's a magic shield. I'm not suggesting that any of you lack self control, I'm only suggesting that it's always better to know the law and understand what's at stake the moment you decide to pull the trigger. A good Use Of Force class helps sift out the testosterone from the truth. Hence, my question about options that are between evasion/retreat and a lethal response.

Carry on.
"Following the path of least resistance is what makes rivers, and men, crooked."
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