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The 770 is one of the new generation of disopsable guns. They are intended for the guy who only shoots a box of ammo a year and the occasional hunt. To be honest, with that use, they will probably last a lifetime, and I've not heard any horror stories on accuracy. They seem to shoot well enough. The problem is when something breaks or wears out. It costs more than the value of the gun to have it repaired.

The 770 catches everyones attention, probably because they were the 1st to build a disposable rifle. But the Mossberg, Savage Axis, and Ruger American are all in the same category and are no better.

For the cost of 2-3 boxes of ammo you can get a much better gun. Any of the other Savage or Stevens rifles are a good choice. I'd avoid the Axis. The Marlin XS7 or XL7 are good rifles. The TC Venture is a little more expensive, but worth the extra to me. The older Weatherby Vangurds and Howa 1500's can often be found for around $350.

These may not come with a scope like the 770, but the scope on the 770 is not much to start with.
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