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It's funny you just posted this . I was just talking to a few people about red-dot vs Acog . If money is no object then the Acog is the way to go hands down . I was told by someone that uses them professionally . The trijicon acog is the best optic out there for the AR platform . I assume you know what the AR platform is truly designed for ,yes ? Generally the trijicon acog 4X32 is what the military uses Im sure some special forces use other sights like Red-dots and others as well.

OK .that being said . There is alot of optics out there for AR civilian use that will work great for alot less money .

As far as red-dot vs iron sights ( peep sights ) There is really no comparison . While using iron sights you keep one eye closed and have to keep the front post in focus .While pretty much everything else is a blur . With a red-dot you can keep your target in focus and just put the dot right where you want the bullet to impact . You also can keep both eyes open and have a huge field of view and still keep the dot on target . A red-dot is great for shooting out to 100 yards or so. You can shoot longer distances with them but out to 100 yards is about as far as you'll want to go .. You have very fast target acquisition . I have one on my 10/22 and with no recoil happening it is insane how fast you can acquire your target and move to the next .

It really is going to come down to what your going to be shooting at the most and/or what you want your AR ready to shoot at . I think a magnified optic would not be your best choice for HD but it's perfect for shoot 200 plus yards . It's what do you want your gun for , and build it to match . You can spend alot of money on stuff that you ultimately do not use . I have so much extra stuff from builds , I can almost build another AR

You REALLY need more then one AR

Here are some optics I have been considering
First magnified

Now for the Red-Dots This is the Red-Dot on the black AR . I bought and use this on my 10/22 primarily. I have used it on the AR and it seemed to work fine . I say that cus one time it lost zero . At the time I did not have the windage & elevation knobs locked down so that might have been why .

Like I said I was just talking about this with some friends and this is my dream package

This way I would have close range and long range options covered
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