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If I had to limit myself to just one product for cleaning, lubrication and protection, I'd probably pick Breakfree CLP. In fact, in my range bag, the only thing I carry is Breakfree CLP.

I've found that it's a good lubricant. It should be, its lubricant component is a synthetic oil like Mobil 1. At one time, they contained exactly the same synthetic oil, as a matter of fact, but it's likely that both formulas have been changed since the last time I was able to verify that fact.

I've found that it is a surprisingly good cleaner/nitro solvent. I don't use it much at the bench because it's messier than many of the other options I have available, but occasionally, when I'm done cleaning a bore, I'll put a patch of CLP through the bore and let it sit to see what comes out of the "clean" bore. Sometimes it's surprising what it can clean out of a bore that's already been cleaned by other single purpose cleaning products.

From the online tests I've seen, it's a very good protectant. It seems to score at, or near, the top in the corrosion tests I've read. Not the best, but certainly very good.

All that said, at home, I have more space than I do in my range bag and I use it. I have a number of different lubricants that I choose from based on the application, a number of different cleaners, and various protectants. Cleaners, lubes and protectants make up a very, VERY small part of my firearms expenditures and I see no need to restrict myself to just one product.
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