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Shotshell Reloading - Winchester Super Target Hulls

I've searched the forums for previous questions like my own and have found one. I'm reloading 12ga shells and have not been able to find any information for Winchester Super Target hulls. All manuals for my powder (Alliant Clay Dot) only give data for Winchester AA hulls.

Is it recommended that people not reload with Winchester hulls unless they are the AA or Super Sport brand? I have Remington Gun Club hulls that seem to have the same construction (i.e. same feel, weight, and general appearance)...and they are compatible with my recipe.

FYI on the load:

- Winchester AA and some Remington Hulls (mostly gun club, a few STS and Nitro)
- Alliant Clay Dot, 17.4gr via MEC bushing 32
- Winchester 209 Primer
- Winchester WAA12SL Wads (or Claybuster Equivalent)
- 1oz 8.5 shot

I wanted some other opinions before I reload the two boxes of Super Target I have.
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