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We do all that and more in our group- actually groups since I'm also Cert trained too.

The whole gunfighting tactics etc question has to do with proficiency to accomplish whatever the circumstances call for. I don't want to freeze or freak out if I have to actually draw my weapon. I remember a bad experience 30 years ago when I had to call the "at sea fire team" over the 1mc (ships loudspeakers) when it was believed we were on fire somewhere in the Med about 2am. I can still remember my right knee shaking.

A couple weeks back we were called out to find an older gent with dementia, which lasted a couple hours. That's a typical event. But late that evening on my way home I was requested to assist a the county fair- the power was out (blown fuses). Security at football games; these are th typical. And yes, there's usually a lost child at these events. But we've also had bomb threats to our schools by would be bank robbers. Try holding back the parents in this case.

Ah. There's never enough time to train for everything. But I want o be ready for that bad guy who thinks he's gonna hurt some little girl too.

Thanks again for all who've made suggestions; much to ponder.
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