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I think it really depends on your situation but I'll say:

1. A .357 magnum revolver with 4 to 6 inch barrel. You can load light .38 specials or heavy magnum rounds. It's probably the most versatile handgun and is adequate for just about everything in the lower 48 states, on two or four feet. At the same time, most people can handle the recoil if you don't use a ridiculously light frame. Not ideal for grizzlies but I'm not sure any handgun is. Use it for hunting, plinking, home defense, and even concealed carry with the right attire/holster in cooler weather.

2. Small handgun that can be readily concealed for when the .357 is just too much. This could be along the lines of a .380, small 9mm, or .38 spl J-frame snubby.

That's it. Everything else for 99% of us is just "I want" and yes, I do want more.
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