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Originally Posted by chrisintexas
From where can one purchase security six in .44 magnum? thanks

There is probably not enough room for a 44 (.429") caliber bullet to line up with the barrel, clear the centerline of the cylinder and leave enough metal for the barrel to screw into the frame and withstand the pounding a 44 Magnum would give the gun.

You might be able to get a gunsmith with a remarkably equipped shop to turn the Security Six into a 5-shot 44 special if there is enough metal for the barrel threads. It would be a really nice gun. Like the Charter Arms Bulldog 44 Special, but for a pretty high price and at the removal of an EXCELLENT .357 Magnum from the world's population. So, while I know one reason why you would want to, I have to ask, WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO?

Yeah, obviously I have thought about it myself.

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