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It has been a number of years since I looked at this question.

First I would shut off the valve located at the tank. This will eliminate any issues with the stove.

Second I would contact the local propane supplier who serviced the tank. They may actually own the tank and will come pump it off and remove it. This should be indicated on the tank.

Thirdly, there is a certification on the tank. This certification gives the standard to which the tank was certified. I believe it is an ASME standard. It permanently imprinted on the tank. You should be able to access this standard at your local library or find a discussion on the internet.

A part of the certification is a bullet impact test. Generally, that is a 30-06 at some distance. From a practical standpoint I do not believe that a load of 00 buck will penetrate the tank. If the Valve cover is in place, it should not damage the valve and regulator.

You might also contact your local fire marshal for assistance.
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