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I have some 100 gr jacket lead noses that were loaded up with pistol powder (given to me). Will try them one of these days (not sure which 06 gets the test though!)
Er....pistol powder in a rifle sounds like a Bad Idea to me. They tend to burn much faster and have higher pressure spikes. That's a recipe for a kaboom unless you really know what you are doing. And I sure as hell wouldn't shoot ANY reload that was given to me by another person unless I trusted them a great deal.

You can shoot a deer with a FMJ 150 and do not damage and kill it (will go all he way through) , but an Elk is going to need a full up load with both good penetration and expansion to take it down decently.
I do not like FMJ for hunting. Yes, it can kill the deer with good shot placement, but there's a reason most hunters use expanding bullets, and why many states (and a quick search tells me Canada as well) outlaw hunting with FMJ's: they're simply not as effective at producing humane kills.
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