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Mini 30 Tactical (Today started good)

Hit the range for the first time with my new rifle (bought new at gunshow this last weekend).

Fired three rounds of Sellior and Bellot and five rounds of Silver Bear two different ruger 20rd mags. All 8 cases failed to eject.

Called Ruger on the way home and they emailed a shipping label.

Called UPS (customer center) and asked what the procedure was.
Lady told me not to package the rifle they would take care of it at the customer center (along with printing out the label).

Arrived at UPS, left the rifle in car, informed the counter person I would be bringing in a rifle (open without magazine). Went back outside and brought the rifle back lady informs me she has NO boxes to package it.

Left with rifle, went about 5 blocks to Acadamy and asked at the gun counter if they had a box. They gave me a box from the back and I returned to UPS.

Walked in with rifle and box at which point the clerk informed me the police had just left. She told me the police had received a call from a hysterical woman about a man with a gun leaving a UPS store we all kinda laughed it off.

Another clerk helped package the rifle (had to break down the rifle to fit in box) at which point they told me they couldnt print out the label. So I had to drive home (Approx 30 minutes each way) to print out label.

Drove back and dropped off rifle.
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