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Short barrel .357's

I have a Ruger LCR 357. I bought this revolver on a whim. I didn't have any revolvers so I thought why not. I handled the 38 LCR at my LGS and loved the trigger pull compared to a S&W so I ordered the 357.
This weapon is very light and I front pocket carry sometimes for a change from my XDS. It took me a few range trips to get good accuracy but now I am very comfortable at 7 - 10 yds. Of course I practice with 38 specials and I always shoot a few of my carry rounds (Gold Dot 38 +P geared for snubbies). Yes...I also shoot 10 or 15 magnum rounds to stay in the game. The recoil on the magnum is not a problem at all but the muzzle blast is
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