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Cougar 8040 Problems.

I posted this to the Stoeger forum, and got zero replies. Maybe you guys can give some good advice.

I bought an 8040 last month, and while I was at the range with it last week I noticed a potential problem. Right above where the serial, and caliber is stamped on the barrel is a "tab". The tab on mine is beat up pretty bad along the whole length, and the front corners on the tab are rounded off. It looks like it has been beaten with a claw hammer, and most of the finish is gone. I have shot probably 300 rounds of 165grn FMJ Blazer Brass ammo through it exclusively, no reloads. Since it shoots like a friggin laser, and I have had no malfunctions at all, I cringed when I showed it to the staff gunsmith at the range.

I have heard two different stories on this gun. The first is from the gunsmith. He says that the gun is potentially unsafe. That the tab fits into a slot in the slide, and is rubbing where it shouldnt be,and also is getting the hell beaten out of it. He says that the tab could fail. He says that the tolerances are off from the factory, and that he is going to send it back.

I have done my research, and from photos of the Cougars I have found other guns do the same thing, though admittedly not as bad as mine. So what's the word guys? Take a look at your Cougars and tell me what you see in that area. Could it be that they are all having problems with that tab?

I got a message from Stoeger customer service yesterday, and will keep you guys posted. I miss my 40.

Just an update: Still havent heard anything from anyone about if the pistol will ship back, when, how, or nothing. I have heard zero from Stoeger customer service since they sent me that message. I guess it's too late to get a refund.
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