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Price today for 12 ga "target or field loads" was $23.97 for a 100 round-box. Unless they've changed math laws, that's almost $6 + tax per box. That's Winchesters cheapest and federals bargain basement stuff. If all you want is a once a year tune-up before heading out on a hunting trip, then those should work. BUT if what you want is quality loads that will pattern better, hit harder, and THEN the hulls make good reloads, you're SOOL.

My nephew decided he was going to enter a trap league with his son. They needed shells, and did NOT want that cheap junk at wally world. I hadn't loaded any target ammo for a long time. I didn't know what shot was. I got it @ a big gunshop-slash-sporting goods store at Lomira, Midwest shooters supply. IIRC it was $37.50/25 pound bag of magnum hard shot.

I totaled everything including primers, powder, wads, and the shot. I could load these into once fired AA shells,(old style), that I had bought. Considering the shells will have AT LEAST 5 reloads on them, that too was factored in. Total cost per box was $4.87 per box.

Shazam! I loaded premium loads for LESS than that cheap crap at wally W. 1 ounce #8 hard high antimony lead shot, claybuster pink copy of the Winchester light wads, 16.0 grains of Alliant e3, AA hull, Remington 209 primer. 1200 fps, nephew says they crush 16 yard trap clays.
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