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Boy, you consumers are getting so picky nowadays. What are us poor manufacturers gwanna do? Seriously though, that ain't right but I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. This is a mass produced firearm. It's not built for looks. They're not going to handfit the parts for you, labor is too costly now. Wilson Combat worries about this stuff but SIG does not. I would shoot it until the finish is worn off and THEN fit the slide to the frame and have it refinished. By that time you'll KNOW if it's a keeper or not. Any half decent pistolsmith can fix this if you want to invest in a complete refinish. I would only fix that type of problem if the customer was sending the gun off to be refinished. It takes about 10 minutes with a file and some sanding. If the factories were to do this the gun would cost you a couple of grand, just like Wilson and Brown and Baer.

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