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When you get old you have to..........

When you get old you have to come up with better ( EASIER! ) ways to do things.

This morning on the lake.......biggest one this year.....12' 10' and 700# or so.

When we finally admitted to ourselves that we could not pull him over the side we had to do some thinking. First thought was that we'd haul him up shallow and one of us would get in and lift, which changes the angle and makes things easier.

As you can see, except for some sweat everyone is dry......which means we are all smarter than Louann who would have been right in we came up with better plan.

What we did, and I think you can see it in the picture, is attach the block & tackle to a cypress tree and run the lines over the boat. This alowed us to haul him in without to much trouble.

He's short for his head size and girth but still a fine one.

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