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I sent an email to Sig customer service explaining the situation... along with photos showing the slide/frame fit. I received the following email back from the Sig representative:

I have sent your photos to the gunsmith and he has found them to be in specs for the 1911 pistols. At this time he does not feel the gun needs to come in. please let me know if you have any questions.
Tunnelrat... it appears that you were correct regarding Sig customer service.

acmagnum1... I agree with you regarding fit and finish, and no, it was not an inexpensive pistol. But, it appears that Sig considers the fit acceptable.

Any further advice/suggestions? Do you suppose Sig would do the work if I were willing to pay for it? Alternatively, is it something a local gunsmith could correct if knowledgeable about 1911s? Thanks again for the comments.
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