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Here is my take on it... (copied from another post of mine)

CLP: Cleaner Lubricant Preservative... Cleans well if slower than normal cleaners. It is a good lubricant, as good and probably better than regular gun oil. I find that it stays in place better than regular gun oils. As a preservative/metal protectant/corrosion preventative, it is one of the best performing you can get. A good coat of CLP before long term storage will serve very well. It does dry out a little, but not as much as regular gun oil. One benefit of using CLP, is that the built in cleaners help prevent the dirt and grime from sticking in the firearm. Parts tend to wipe cleaner easier. You may not even need a standard cleaner if you use CLP a lot/regularly. They make it in bottled liquid, aerosol, and spray bottle forms.

Balistol: It is a CLP type cleaner, how well it lubricates, I do not know as I have never used it. Its not really a true CLP I don't believe, I know its been around for a long time though, and many claim it smells good enough to prevent dirty looks from others in the house.

As a cleaner... CLP is OK... passable... as lubricant and rust protection it is pretty good.

One thing I find it works well is in ARs, (makes sense that it would) due to the cleaning agents it helps keep the gunk that gets into the receiver from solidifying and gumming up the action. Shooting a lot of rounds, spray some into the action and it starts breaking up the gunk... even in other firearms... I tend to fire several hundred rounds of 22 in my Ruger rifle every range trip, and a 22 gets real dirty. A spray of CLP helps free up the action and keep it working longer.

That being said... I do not use it as my primary lubricant except for in ARs. Mostly because there are better lubricants I can use, and most firearms do not run as dirty or as hard as an AR does/can.

I use Breakfree because its easy to find... but the formula changed when Safariland took over. I am not sure for the better... Other brands may be better, I may try them.

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