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Like a couple posters advised, it’s not the gun so much as it’s the shooter that limits the killing distance. As for well-balanced pistols/revolvers – that’s an individual thing depending upon ones arm and wrist strength. A SW model 25 is well balanced for most while the Ruger Redhawk is heavy for some.

As for foot pounds of energy, it doesn’t have much to do relative to killing power, and should be completely disregarded but certain States with ballistic idiots at the helm have established a minimum energy level for handguns as well as caliber and barrel length, so you have to know your State laws, as to handgun restrictions.

When it comes to ease of shooting a handgun in a hunting situation you’ll be hard pressed to do better than a heads-up display red dot – the red dot takes away the sight alignment requirements/problems when making long range shots (over 50 yards). They are light weight, usually less than 0.7 oz and are easily mounted. The scope type red dots are heavier and uglier but just as effective and regular scopes are used mainly if magnification is required.

The 45ACP will match the killing power of the 45 Colt and 44 Magnum to a point and that point is usually up to a 260 grain bullet at 1,050fps and that particular load has killed about everything that ever walked on North America during the past 150 years. If you convert to 45 ACP Super or 460 Rowland you can push to 1,200fps and that will allow you to take racking shots on elk sized game animals.

Here’s what a good set-up with a heads-up red dot looks like both on a revolver and pistol.
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