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100 grain in pellet = x powder weight?

Given 2x50 grain Pyrodex Pellets, what is the equivalent load by weight of Pyrodex RS powder?

Round to the nearest tenth grain. (That's what my balance beam does anyhow)

The situation: I was feeling like a cheapskate and thought to myself "30 dollars for 100 pyrodex pellets? That's only 50 shots!"

So I bought myself a pound of Pyrodex RS for $20. Not only is it 10 dollars cheaper, it has more powder (5000 grains in the pellet box vs 7000 in pound). I'm used to using Bullseye and for handguns and a jar lasts a long time.

I don't have a volumetric measure but I do have a good balance beam. My plan was to pre-load some powder and at least save money on the opening shots of my sessions.

All I want is a powder load equivalent to 2 pellets of pyrodex by weight. Anyone ever figure out how to do this?
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