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My average cost for a high end shell...12ga 1 oz about $ 4.40 a box...and Rem STS new shells are at least $ 9 a box ..../ so no, you won't save a ton of money over wally world shells...but you're reloading a lot better shell -than the low end stuff....

and its based on buying reasonable quantities of components....a few bags of shot at a time, no more than 8 lbs of powder at a time, no more than a few thousand primers at a time ....and using Rem STS hulls ..

but the low end stuff will break clays too...

You do save a lot more money on 28ga and .410 shells by reloading....but to me, reloading is part of the game...and I'd reload even if it was a push on costs...../ and I've been doing it for 50+ yrs ( on MEC machines of one type or another ).
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