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Originally Posted by swatman82 View Post
I actually know the owner and got ahold of him and told him about it. He told me that and I called the guy out on it since he was saying he did not get his refund. I mean come on guys there is bound to be with any company when you have that many orders a handful of messups. I can name tons of reputable companies that have been around a while that I have had bad issues with but have also shopped again and its been perfect. Just saying......
Why doesn't the owner contact the person himself instead of giving his name and personal info to a 3rd party (really bad business practice and possibly illegal) or better yet why doesn't the owner contact the person that has waited 4 months? Why don't you tell the owner about the missing 22 slide and have him straighten it out. Would not take long and might get some positive post on here about it.

Just saying.....
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