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Missed the Boat...
I guess I must confess my confusion, or at least being out of the picture But,
after reading yet another straight faced ad re Zombie killers in all calibers, gauges,wts et forms, what are these people talking about? Please enlighten moi. Or least let me know what catagory I can find such arcane info...
I think a good analogy to understand how 'some' people literally fall for the zombie-craze would be Orson Welles "War of the Worlds" about an alien invasion by Martians which caused a genuine public panic in the U.S. among a great deal of people--this happened in the late 30's when the "Alien-UFO" craze was at its height for the time. I remember my grandparent's telling me about this and Spielberg made a film about it a few years back. People will be people I guess .
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