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So far all i have seen for small primers in 45 is blazer and federal brass.

The blue puller by frankfert is a good one, better then rcbs but no warrenty.

Lastly a smashed primer in a 650 that is set off on the primer station can detonate the entire tube, their is a disk that rotates them from the tube and they are only about .115 inches apart, (trail edge of one primer to the lead edge of the next) they are alot closer then 2 inches. I have done it, and it was my fault, I didnt feel the primer seat all the way smooth, so i gave it an extra shove........ set the tube off, ears rang for days. was a far cry from fraging a press....... but the primer system had heavy damage....... Now if it feels odd I STOP and check out why. The brass was crimped. I have also smashed or deformed many, with out setting them off, but sooner or later if your will get the big noise and larg larg ploom of smoke!!
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