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You didn't say what model of Benelli other than it's an M1. The M1 is a platform, replaced several years ago with the improved and current M2 model... however, the M1 is still highly desirable. Both guns use the Benelli "Inertia" operating system (not a gas operated gun), are quite light, and balance well. There are also numerous aftermarket products available for them.

If it's a modest barrel length M1 field model... that would make a fine HD and general all around fun gun. If it's a M1 tactical model with a 18.5" barrel... great HD, less all around, but still fun for casual sporting use.
Benelli M1, M2 and M4 (tactical) models have excellent resale value... sometimes selling for more than the original MSRP.
The Benelli M1 and M2 field models (21", 24" and even the occasional 26") that are used as bases for 3-gun competition by a substantial number of competitors are quite popular.

I know very little about the Browning BPS, so that's for someone else to answer. Even though I own several, I doubt the Benelli is "double" the quality of the Browning... but I suspect (IMO) the resale is, among tactical and 3-gun competition buyers, much better than the Browning.

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