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While I have never bought any "Zombie Ammo" or participated in any "Zombie Shoots" which we have had at one of our ranges, I am not against them. I feel the ammo is overpriced and the shoots although probably fun not realistic and not taking seriously something very serious. However maybe I need to lighten up a bit and the guys who seem to enjoy them if they handle firearms safely and responsibly I am all for it.

As far as the "Anti Guns Folks" having a problem with it, I would hope they could separate having fun and fantasy from reality but maybe not.

Silhouette targets are a different story, while I enjoy shooting bullseye and shooting small groups, I also enjoy and think necessary combat shooting dead center mass as quickly as possible and for this I think a silhouette is more realistic as we do not walk around with bullseyes on us. It is funny how the "Anti Gun People" do not mind others doing their killing for them, the military and police, yet want to keep the public disarmed except for criminals.
Perhaps if the concealed carry public had more stringent requirements on gun safety, responsibility and marksmanship that was standardized that might mitigate some of the "Antis" fears.

I think everyone who conceals and carries a firearm should have to shoot the hostage silhouette target. I always advise that I would never ever make that shot unless I knew for sure the bad guy was going to kill the hostage. When I put all my rounds in the bad guys head on the hostage silhouette target and the shooters I am with ask why I would not make that shot, I reply I am under no stress and the target is not moving.

When the shooters with me take their turns shooting at the hostage silhouette target and put most or some of their rounds in the hostage they know exactly what I mean.
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