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It seemed to me that the few people who showed up were mostly for all the proposed changes.

I think the G&F are thinking of bringing the Wyoming regulations concerning firearms for hunting more in line with other states. I think their ultimate goal is to make the Out-of-Stater feel more comfortable with the Wyoming regs, thus they may get more applications?

Just my personal thoughts. But I think the regs as proposed, will get reccomended to the Commisssion for ratification.

We will see, next year.

P.S. The removal of the Ft-lbs of energy requirement for the .35 calliber cartridge is intended to remove part of the law that was nearly un-enforceable. The new law for pistol type cartridges will be based on diameter (0.35" min) and OAL (1.5") min.

Here is a link to the actual proposed Regulation:
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