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Yes you can load down and you can get some amazingly accurate loads that way.

I have some 100 gr jacket lead noses that were loaded up with pistol powder (given to me). Will try them one of these days (not sure which 06 gets the test though!)

I loaded some 200 gr down to 2200 and got 3 touching at 50 yards. Works out to tad less than 3/4 MOA. Soft shooter.

I am skeptical on the 1-11 twist? 1-10 is universal unless you have some kind of custom. 270 also uses 1-10.

Bullet r range for the 06 is 100 up to the 220 grain bullets and usauly you can handload with someting that gives you good reustl (4350 in its various forms is a pretty good one to try as it does a good job and often most accuate in many loads)

You can push the 150 gr bullets up to 270 trajectory (Hornady has some new powders that get you more volcity for the same pressure as they ignite sequnetialy). Hornady is also make full roudns that do even a bit better.
If you need (Elk) the right size bullet pushed 300WM real hard.

Key is to be sure that whatever bullet you hunt with has enough penetration and expansion capability to do what you want.

You can shoot a deer with a FMJ 150 and do not damage and kill it (will go all he way through) , but an Elk is going to need a full up load with both good penetration and expansion to take it down decently.

30-06 has powders and loads that are well developed for any purpose as well as the huge range of bullets to go with it. I doubt any other caliber ahs the breath of not only grains but types.

m trying to decide between the two cartridges. As a reloader I can load the 30-06 up and down, my question is how effective is it when loaded down? For instance lets say I want to make it shoot like a 6.5- Lower recoil, reasonably accurate- Can I achieve this by loading 140gr bullets in my 30-06? The rifle has an 11" twist.

Im wondering if the 30-06 can be loaded down and be made an effective lower recoil cartridge, or are there things the swede is just gonna do way better?

I ask because Im gonna be a 1 rifle guy for a while, want something I can shoot consistently and not feel beat from recoil and also something I can use from deer to elk.
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