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OK, then perhaps I mean reflex sights. The Burris Fastfire sights are good examples of which style I'm looking at.

The cheapest I've found locally is a "Delta". It is small, it is metal and it needs a mount to it to fit a weaver rail.

€100 for the sight, and about €40-50 for the weaver adaptor! So not that cheap over here, yet again!!

On top of that the weaver rail attachment for my redhawk would be another $45 with $40 for shipping...

Quite an expense in total, so I want to be sure they are worth it. All this because the FO Ruger sights I ordered have failed to turn up this side of the Atlantic!

I may also look at te midway sites, but the German one already seems very steep on the supplies I've already looked at for other aspects of shooting (holsters and reloading)

I understand that if I wanted POA to be 15yds away, then I need to adjust it.
By zeroing, I mean to say tht if I remove it from the Redhawk and thn slide it onto the MkII, will it still give me an accurate POA, at 15 yds, or would I need to readjust again?
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