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@tahunua001... Thanks for that. Yes I've seen some old dinged up rifles that have obviously been dragged through hell backwards... some old M1 Garands come to mind. I love the way those rifles look and reek of history. I do wonder if modern woodwork is as stable as when those were made. I guess I'll find out pretty soon.

The slightly more open group with the Winchester 150gs I think is due to the bullets that Winchester use not being .311—Some are, some aren't. I measured anywhere between .309 to .311. The group dispersion is vertical and groups are still only an inch or so wide. I also weighed them and they have some issues. When I measure the 154gr Herter's PSP they are all .311 or almost .312. The CZ is a 1x9 twist so the ~150gr shouldn't be an issue. The worst groups with the Herter's are about 1.5 inches, and again dispersion is primarily vertical. I'm confident that up to 100 yards I can put the round where it needs to be, given the opportunity.

At this point I really want to concentrate on scouting/navigating and planning my trip. I have a feeling it might be crowded as an additional 500 depredation tags just went out for this particular hunt.

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