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Originally Posted by MLeake
zombietactics, you assume a type of competition that does not require use of cover. IDPA, for one example, does.
No, I observe that USPSA/IPSC does not requires the use cover at all. IDPA uses cover, just not effectively, IMHO. Crowding up to cover and having as much as 50% of one's body exposed is not a good way to "get home alive" from my perspective.

Aside from the above example, there is a marked difference in mindset and tactics. What do I shoot in competition? A clearly marked target. When do I shoot it? Either a) When I want to, or b) in the order determined by an arbitrary set of rules. What do I shoot in reality? Maybe nothing at all. Maybe something clearly defined or not so clearly defined. I shoot (or not) in whatever order and at whatever distance the threat presents itself. When do I shoot? When the dynamically unfolding situation determines I should.

If you take my meaning clearly, it is not a criticism of competition, only of doing nothing else, and perhaps thereby adopting a mindset and set of skills not so well suited to surviving.

In any case where the solution to "the problem" is limited to simply shooting quickly and accurately, the skilled competitor has a supreme advantage. In all others, something else/more is required.

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