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The powder still has the ether smell, but thanks to all the good information, it's going in the garden. I do NOT want to risk blowing up my old heavy barrel .308 M77.
Now this brings up another point that maybe I should post on the bullet casting forum. I am planning on buying some cast bullets and trying some shooting with them (.308). When I was in the desert southwest, I shot high power metallic silhouette and hunted coyotes so it was all about fairly high velocity to reach out and get those coyotes. I now live on a farm in northwest Ohio. The fields are small and neighbors are relatively close. All shots at groundhogs and coyotes have been at a distance of less than 120 yards. I am ready to try something slower and quieter. So, I will be needing to buy new powder anyway for the cast bullet loads. Is there directions on this site on how to slug the barrel ? Many thanks again for all the input!
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